server roles

Server Roles can either be obtained, attained or earned to receive them. Roles can be seen in your profile once you have verified in 📗・server-rules. Following are the Roles that you can obtain: Level Roles can be earned through text & voice channels. Special Titles can be obtained from showing support for the server in ways that you can contribute.

level roles

Level Roles are provided to encourage new members on being active in the server. And to gain access to the following.

Our leveling system is via Activity Rank, giving you the experiences from chatting in text channels or being in voice channels.

・@Iron [lv 5+] ➺ Level 5+ Can React to Messages and send External Emotes in Chat

・@Bronze [lv 10+] ➺ Level 10+ Access to Emerald Stone

・@Silver [lv 15+] ➺ Level 15+ Can Attach Image and Files in Chat

・@Gold [lv 20+] ➺ Level 20+ Change Nickname

・@Platinum [lv 30+] ➺ Level 30+ Can Purchase Emerald Items [more info 📌・faqs]

・@Emerald [lv 50+]

・@Finest [lv 100]

exclusive roles

Special Titles given to individuals that have shown support for the server in ways they can contribute: services, exposure, and financial capability.

Divided into three (3) category; Patron (Offering Finance), Influencer (Promoting Exposure & Support), Enthusiast (Promoting Server Activity)

Influencer Roles;

・ @Finest Streamer

・ @Content Creator

・ @FGG Scholar


・ @Keyboard Warrior ➺ is one of the Top 5 Most Active Members in text channels. Keep talking and playing!

・ @Ear Raider ➺ is one of the Top 5 Most Active Members in the voice channels. Engage more through speaking!

・ @Level Up

Patron; VIP Roles

・ @Premium ➺ generous members who spent money for the benefit of the server.

・ @Finest Booster ➺ given to members who boosted the server.

Support Program Application Form

Gcash Number: 09754432342
Gcash Name: Ma. Jhennylyn H


After Payment please contact us @