Nakamoto Games to Wrap Up 2022 with 100 On-platform Games

Nakamoto Games is an industry-leading GameFi and Metaverse ecosystem featuring a diverse and expanding catalog of top-tier gaming titles and immersive gameplay. The project has continued to make strides within the GameFi industry as it remains committed to growing its games catalog while enhancing fun and profitability for the community.

Since our mission is to provide gamers with more immersive and addictive gaming options, our team will release 78 new games before the end of the year. These releases align with the sustained growth objectives announced earlier this year by our CEO Chawalit Rugsasri. Our team is poised to launch 15 of the 78 games this week. 

The popularity of the blockchain gaming industry has skyrocketed over the past year, attracting millions of users and accounting for a significant portion of all blockchain activity. However, the GameFi industry must strike a chord with the over 3 billion gamers in the traditional gaming industry, mainly because most projects have prioritized earning over fun. 

Nakamoto Games is taking several steps to address this challenge and drive mainstream adoption to the GameFi ecosystem. The platform has launched multiple engaging gaming titles that offer a coordinated approach towards gaming, enticing players with a fun game while incentivizing them with lucrative crypto rewards. 

Like other games on the Nakamoto Games platform, the new games will offer hours of addicting gameplay. These 78 games, released this year, will be free-to-play and fun-to-play games targeted at introducing new players to GameFi. The games will serve as entertainment, allowing players to log in whenever they want and play whichever game suits them. Whether at home, on public transport, or looking to kill a couple of minutes while you wait, you can quickly go to the Nakamoto Games website, play these games, and have fun.

Over the following months, the amount of play-to-earn games on the Nakamoto Games platform will witness a sharp increase as we seek to provide more gaming options to our rapidly growing user base. Additionally, game tournaments will happen more frequently in the coming months.  

Adding these new games will result in significant growth in our community. The continued release of immersive gaming options on the platform paves the way for Nakamoto Games to serve diverse users ultimately. Nakamoto Games is well on its way to becoming the go-to ecosystem for play-to-earn games. Stay tuned for the new gaming releases launching this week!

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