Aurory Tactics, a Solana-based NFT game, launches in public Alpha featuring rank-based matchmaking and rewards.

Aurory isn’t your typical NFT play-to-earn (P2E) game. Focused on education, this innovative Solana blockchain-based game and NFT ecosystem is rewriting the rules of NFT gaming. The top-selling NFT P2E game on Solana, it is on track to become the biggest game on the market.

What Is The Aurory Game About?

Set in two futuristic worlds called Antik and Cryptos, Aurory is a fantasy action play-to-earn Japanese role-playing game. This enchanting PvE game introduces you to magical creatures called Nefties. Soon, the game will adopt PvP, and players will build teams of Nefties to do battle.

Each Nefties species has a unique set of skills and abilities, giving it multiple strategic roles in combat. They range from strength to team support, defence, sabotage and more. Importantly, this allows you to choose the best Nefties for each battle in-game.

The game draws on inspiration from League of Legends, Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and others. It will offer rewarding gameplay and enormous strategic freedom. 

Aurory Has NFT and Stunning Artwork

Overall, the Aurory game has truly impressive artwork. This surreal, dream-like aesthetic is similar to classic Disney and Studio Ghibli animation. Remarkably, before the game is even playable, it has raised over $108M worth of commitment at a 1.55B $AURY valuation. This valuation makes it the biggest ever IDO on the Solana blockchain. 

Notably, this gives Aurory the financial might to become a market leader. It is on track to become one of Solana’s first Triple A-rated games. The team is full of talent. Many have experience working with big AAA companies like Ubisoft & EA. They have already shown they can build systems on Solana through content and demonstrations.

 PvP Gameplay With A Blockchain Edge

Meanwhile, the story-driven, single-player (PvE) game mode is an excellent way of training you for the PvP mode. It will allow you to gather resources and learn the game. This training will prepare you for battle in the PvP mode in the long run. However, different game modes are available in Aurory’s mode, including friendly fights and ranked contests.

Buy and Sell on the Aurory NFT Marketplace

You can sell every item you find in the game on the marketplace, allowing you to gain more $AURY tokens. With this, you can buy what you want for how you want to play the game. Furthermore, You can trade Nefties, tools, battlefields, and more on the marketplace.

Remember, the game is free. The aim of the project is education, not financial gain.

This Top Solana Game Implements NFTs, tokens and Play to Earn Mechanisms

The NFT gaming industry is evolving for the better. At the fore of this is Aurory. Concentrating on quality rather than quantity will allow growth and creativity to thrive. However, one major roadblock that currently stands in the way of cryptocurrency is mass adoption.

Aurory aims to change that and welcome a new generation. They will do this by delivering education and support on top of a unique and fun gaming adventure. Players will learn about creating a wallet, DeFi, staking, and more. Combining this educational component into a challenging platform for players is essential.

Aiming to become the standard for play to earn games, Aurory’s NFT  tech is actually made to be fun rather than money-grabbing. What’s more, they aim to create “innovation, attractive gameplay that also cultivates the virtual in-game economies.”

The PvE and PvP game modes will enable players to collect NFTs and $AURY tokens. Meanwhile, players earn tokens and NFTs by actively participating in the game. These become trade items in the marketplace and improve your odds of success in the game.

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