Big Cloud Services Actively Integrate into Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Google signed an agreement with the Tezos Foundation, under which Google Cloud customers will be able to create Web3 apps on blockchain. Tencent Cloud, meanwhile, is working with several blockchain networks to launch new Web 3.0 solutions.

Big Cloud Services Actively Integrate into Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Google is teaming up with the Tezos Foundation, a Swiss nonprofit, to support Web3 innovations. As part of the partnership, Google Cloud customers will be given access to create apps on the Tezos blockchain.

The partnership will allow companies and developers to host and deploy RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes for Web 3.0 apps using the Tezos blockchain and Google Cloud infrastructure. The partnership will also provide selected Tezos incubator startups with Google Cloud credits and full support via the Google for Startups Cloud Program. 

According to Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer of the Tezos Foundation, the partnership with Google could be a big step toward institutional adoption. It also opens up new opportunities to create a mass market for Web3 technology. The two companies share the common goal of building sustainable computing environments based on green technology, he added. 

Recall that Google expresses a high interest in the Web 3.0 industry. The corporation invested over $1.5 billion in various blockchain companies and signed several strategic partnerships with major representatives of the crypto industry, such as Coinbase, in 2022.

It also became known that the Chinese Internet giant Tencent Cloud, another major player in the cloud services market, recently signed agreements on cooperation with several blockchain networks to support the Web3 ecosystem development. 

Tencent Cloud’s partners include:

  1. Ankr. The decentralized financial platform for cross-chain staking will help Tencent Cloud develop a series of API services to connect games and social networks from the Web3 segment.
  2. Avalanche. Blockchain will provide Tencent Cloud developers with practical tools to efficiently and quickly set up Web3 apps.
  3. Scroll. Blockchain validators will be able to leverage the Tencent Cloud infrastructure to achieve consistent performance and decentralized Web3 tools.
  4. Sui. By optimizing high-performance blockchain games, Tencent Cloud users will have access to efficient cloud-based tools for Web3 gaming development and optimization.

The company also presented a new product for Web3 developers — Metaverse-in-a-box. The service provides a full range of products and software for the development of decentralized games and media entertainment services in the Web3 sector.

Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said the company would continue to partner with industry representatives, as it was interested in Web3 ecosystem development. In 2022, Tencent was on the list of companies that actively applied for trademark registrations involving the word “Metaverse.”

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