Sons of the Forest Passes Impressive Sales Milestone After Only 24 Hours of Early Access

Endnight Games’ Sons of The Forest has finally hit Early Access on Steam, and the numbers it is already doing are extremely impressive.

Sons of The Forest, the new survival-horror game from Endnight Games, has finally hit Steam in Early Access and is already topping the charts. The developer Endnight Games has revealed the astounding number of copies that the game has managed to sell in just 24 hours.

Sons of The Forest is the follow-up and sequel to Endnight Games’ last title The Forest, which also became a huge hit in Early Access and launched the developers into the gaming limelight. Both games see players stranded in a forest that is far more than what it seems, and the survival aspect that already seems treacherous when stranded alone in the wilderness only gets deadlier as dark secrets and cultish lore are revealed. Teasers and new game details for this sequel have been slowly hitting the internet for some time, ultimately culminating in this much-anticipated Early Access release.

As of right now, the game’s numbers on the official Steam charts are extremely impressive. Endnight Games says the game has sold over 2 million copies in its first 24 hours, and it is number 1 on the top-selling game chart, surpassing other recently-released favorites like Hogwarts Legacy and Atomic Heart. It is also number 3 on the most-played chart with over 350,000 players currently in the game. Already, fans are wildly impressed with this updated look of the mysterious forest, as the cannibals and the environment are more detailed than ever when contextualized by impressive new features like dynamic seasons.

The incredible sales numbers for Sons of The Forest already make the game one of the best-selling of 2023. It still lags significantly behind what is undoubtedly the biggest hit of the year thus far, Hogwarts Legacy. But it puts the game well on track to surpass the Dead Space remake which topped sales charts but still underperformed its projections.

The question is if the game can continue this momentum throughout the remainder of the year to keep it as one of the most successful through the upcoming seasons. If Endnight Games can give it regular updates and get Sons of The Forest out of Early Access in the six-to-eight-month window as it said it would, then fans could see the hype continue. Especially if releases for PS5 and Xbox Series X make it out this year, although there has been no official announcement on that, so it seems unlikely for 2023. Regardless, though, these numbers in such a short amount of time would be a milestone even for a major studio, much less a smaller independent studio with so few games under its belt.

Sons of The Forest is available in Early Access on PC.

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