Friendsies NFT deletes Twitter after “Pause” announcement

Friendsies, a collection of NFTs, is in difficulty after announcing a “pause” and deleting its Twitter account, which raised questions about whether the project was a scam. The NFT’s initial dip in 2022 brought in about $5 million. The LA-based creative team Friendswithyou, which created the NFT project, likewise turned its Twitter account private following the revelation.

Due to changing business conditions, the well-liked Friendsies series of quirky avatars has been discontinued. The project intended to create a digital companion for the future, but progress has yet to be improved by the market’s instability and difficulties.

According to the project’s website, the aim was to mint 10,000 Friendsies. For collectors interested in stamping the most valuable Friendsies, the initiative will offer nine early-access mints passing on OpenSea in March 2022.

Those that asked questions in their replies to the collection’s post soon had their accounts restricted, and soon after that, Friendsies canceled their Twitter account. Moreover, Farokh, the host of the Web3 program Rug Radio, and generative artist Jen Stark came under fire from Twitter users for their early promotion of the collection on the platform.

The floor price for the Friendsies collection is 0.011 ETH, or around $18, while the total trading volume is 3,774 ETH, or roughly $6.3 million. The opening bid for the Dutch auction was 3.33 ETH, or nearly $12,000 per token. The communal treasury and play-to-earn game were two of the collection’s lofty goals; however, they still need to be realized.

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