Cryptocurrencies in Russia, DeFi Vs. TradFi, and Crypto Events in March

The regulatory features of the cryptocurrency market in Russia, speculations about decentralized finance’s potential to fully replace traditional finance in the future, blockchain in the sports betting industry, and a selection of the most significant crypto events in March — you can find it all in our weekly digest. 

Cryptocurrencies in Russia, DeFi Vs. TradFi, and Crypto Events in March

Moreover, don’t forget about crypto market news, the most important of which is regularly posted on the CoinsPaid Media website. Over the past seven days, CP Media prepared the following big materials:  

  1. The Cryptocurrency Market in the Russian Federation

International sanctions have created conditions in which the Russian authorities have had to accelerate the development of legislative regulation for the cryptocurrency market because many global financial instruments have become inaccessible. Financial restrictions affected both government agencies and ordinary citizens. How exactly has this situation affected the crypto market in Russia? Find out in our article. 

  1. How Does Blockchain Improve Sports Betting?

This article is of an affiliate nature! And yet, the question in the title has very concrete answers. Globally, blockchain has made the betting industry more transparent, fair, and safe for users. Check out the link above for more details. 

  1. Is DeFi Really the Future of Finance?

Can DeFi compete with TradFi? Spoiler alert: yes, it can. But the situation doesn’t suggest a definite winner because the field of decentralized finance still has too many potential vulnerabilities, while traditional finance is definitely inferior in terms of convenience and compliance with user demands…

  1. 15 Major Crypto Events in March 2023

Our regular monthly review of the most important crypto events. Short announcements and key info for you to determine “yay or nay.” If you’re interested, find more information about a particular event in this piece.

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