Amazon Just Banned Itself From Twitch

Amazon briefly banned itself on Twitch in a surprising move which left many fans and followers both stunned and surprised. The account in question, Amazon Music Brazil, was only removed from the streaming service for a total of 16 minutes, but the disruption was apparently enough to stir up a storm on social media.

Twitch was acquired by Amazon back in 2014 for a staggering $970 million. The platform has become one of the largest live streaming services in the world with millions of active users tuning in every single day to watch their favorite content creators. Amazon Music Brazil has been present on Twitch for several years, being tracked since September 13, 2022 by the group which recently broke the story, StreamerBans.

While the cause remains unknown, many have speculated that Amazon Music Brazil was accidentally banned on account of a technical error which occurred during a policy review concerning copyrights, licensing, and intellectual property. The mistake was of course quickly discovered and Twitch has in the meantime reversed the ban, reinstating its parent company Amazon.

Twitch and Amazon have so far been silent about the matter, neither company having issued a statement about the ban, at least as of this writing. This would in fact be the second time that Amazon has been banned on its own platform, the company being removed from Twitch back in 2021, a live streamer briefly exposing themselves while on camera.

The ban has caused a fairly substantial amount of confusion and frustration among Twitch users both in Brazil and abroad, the channel currently having more than 25,000 subscribers. While some of course immediately took to Twitter in order to voice their disappointment, many have also been making a mockery of the situation on Reddit, poking fun at the platform for its perhaps overly stringent policies.

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