Pokémon Company Sues Company Advertising ‘PokéWorld’ NFT Game

The Pokémon Company International has filed a lawsuit against Pokémon Pty Ltd, an Australian company advertising its unlicensed non-fungible token (NFT) game “PokéWorld” under the name Kotiota Studios. The “PokéWorld” website falsely claims that The Pokémon Company International and Kotiota are making the game for release in January 2023. The Federal Court of Australia ruled on Wednesday to prevent Pokémon Pty Ltd from launching this game or selling any NFTs using the Pokémon intellectual property (IP). The court has restrained Pokémon Pty Ltd from using The Pokémon Company‘s trademarks or images. It is also not allowed to claim licensing or affiliation with The Pokémon Company. The image below is from the “PokéWorld” website.

During the first hearing on Wednesday, no representative from Pokémon Pty Ltd was present.

The Pokémon Company added that it and Nintendo have decided not to launch Pokémon NFTs.

The “PokéWorld” website, which is still up as of press time, incorrectly pluralizes Pokémon as “Pokemons.” It also makes other errors such as Eevee being an Electric-type and referring to potions as “poisons.”

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