An early alpha build of Axie Infinity: Homeland is live for landholders.

Axie Land Alpha!

Land gameplay is here! An early alpha build of Axie Infinity: Homeland is live for landholders.

Axie Infinity

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Welcome Home

  • A very early Alpha build of Axie Infinity: Homeland is live for all landowners!
  • Start your own village on the breathtaking planet of Lunacia. Guide your axies as they harvest, craft, and build their way towards a stronger, more beautiful homeland.
  • Axie Infinity: Homeland is available for all landholders on Desktop through Mavis Hub on Windows and Mac. Read the getting started manual here or watch this quick tutorial from community member, Axie Faction!

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We’re thrilled to introduce the first alpha release of Axie Infinity: Homeland!  

In the game’s opening act, players will guide their Axies in establishing a thriving settlement on the beautiful planet of Lunacia. As they progress, players will equip native adventurers with the necessary weapons, armor, and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. 

This first release is focused on gathering feedback and giving you an opportunity to explore the current features together.

Use the hashtags #AxieHomeland on social media to share your Land posts, videos, screenshots, and first impressions! We’ve also put together this asset pack to help you create content.

Landowners can play the Alpha with staked land–  you don’t need to unstake your land!

How to Play

Today’s alpha is available via Mavis Hub for PC and Mac users, and is exclusively playable by Landowners. A mouse is strongly recommended!

If you don’t own land but want to play, you’ll need to buy land on App.axie. 

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After you give Homeland a whirl, give us your first impressions here. You can report more detailed feedback around specific issues here!

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Game Overview

Guide your axies as they harvest, produce, build, and push the limits of technology while developing their land. Arm native Lunacian adventurers with equipment and supplies as they battle waves of monsters. Your progress in both of these areas will be tracked on a leaderboard.

The most successful players of this alpha will learn how to master the following interconnected gaming loops:  

  • Gather and store natural resources with expert precision.
  • Optimize the task assignments and workflows of your worker Axies for maximum efficiency.
  • Build structures that enable storage, item production, and growth of your settlement’s population.
  • Craft supplies, weapons, armor, and items that aid native adventurers in their battles.
  • Trade with both native Adventurers and other landowners for in-game currency
  • Arm native adventurers with the best equipment and send them into battle against waves of monsters
  • Compete in the leaderboard against fellow owners on both the maturity of your land and how successful your armed adventurers have performed in battle.
  • Show off your creativity and style by designing and decorating your plot.
  • Explore the world and marvel at the real-time growth of Lunacia as players upgrade and enhance their Land.

Currently, the only in-game on-chain mechanics are the use of NFT Land plots and the ability to place NFT Land items.

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The Sky Mavis team has been playing this alpha release for over a week and we’ve found that the early game experience can be overwhelming with so much to do and learn. We’d like to share a number of resources to help ease new players into the game, while we develop this content into the game itself.

First, we have developed a Homeland getting started manual, which details all of the core gameplay elements, along with numerous details for those game players looking to master the nuances of the game:

Starter Manual

We’ve also enlisted Ryan, also known as Axie Faction, to produce a getting started video for the game, where he walks through the core game user experience and familiarizes players with the primary game mechanics.

Our Progress

Homeland is at an early stage of development and there are years of building ahead of us.

So far, we’ve focused on building depth to the core gaming loops and creating beautiful 3D art and creative assets. 

We plan to enhance the overall user experience, which is very rough, by improving the button layouts, adding a tutorial, and building in more general guidance. We value the input of our community and believe that with your help, we can turn this game into a true masterpiece! For a glimpse into the longer-term roadmap and the integration of web3 native features, please watch Philip La’s presentation from AxieCon.

This release officially marks the start of Phase 1 and Alpha Season 0. We expect Alpha Season 0 to last 4 weeks with more Alpha Seasons after that. Once we have smoothed out and improved the game over the upcoming year we will exit Alpha and all progress will be reset. However, players will be able to keep exclusive off-chain cosmetics they’ve earned in the Alpha period.

Alpha Launch Challenge

We’re proud to celebrate this iconic release with our Season 0 Alpha Launch Contest. Top players will receive special in-game titles for reaching the highest ranks on the leaderboard during Season 0. 

See you in Lunacia!

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