From Web2 to Web3: Checking out Gensokishi


For mobile MMO gamers some of you might be familiar with its older name, Elemental Knights. The title has been around for over ten years and has acquired over eight million players. Running on Android, Apple and even Switch as well as Playstation. The game has garnered a significant playerbase from Asia, mainly from its home country of Japan but also winning a 2012 Game of the Year Gold Award in Taiwan.

And that is what makes Gensokishi’s place in Web3 games interesting. The title is essentially a Web2 game that is being brought over to Web3. In fact despite its release into the world of NFT gaming, its non-crypto version is still in Nintendo’s and Sony’s storefront.
But the game’s transition is not done in such a way that it alienates the part of the player base that has no interest in Web3 features. In fact Web3 is introduced in such a way that it actually enriches the gameplay.

The Gameplay Loop

Like any MMO the grind and progression are central to Gensokishi’s gameplay loop. Players fight monsters, each other, join raids, dungeons and other activities. The rewards, be they trinkets, weapons or armor types. Are either utilized for customization and progression. Or they are sold on the game’s Marketplace. And despite the fact that they may come across rare and limited rewards. The players can go through the entire game, all while ignoring the Web3 aspect.

But does that make Web3 useless in Gensokishi? Remarkably no, the game’s marketplace is still fueled by player input. Rights for player made designs can be bought, and sold, allowing them to profit from their own creativity. These designs or Costumes as they are called in game, are of course made by the players themselves. And their presence are a major aspect this player run economy.
By putting the utility and discovery of NFTs into the hands of the players. The game’s Web3 aspect contributes itself to the gameplay loop but not without getting in the way of gameplay itself.

And as a game entering a post 2021 Web3 industry, Gensokishi does have features that go beyond monetizing items in game. Sponsored material will be available, in fact there are NFTs in circulation made by noted video game artist Yoshitaka Amano. Yoshitaka was responsible for the art direction of several Final Fantasy titles and the sale of his in game NFTs were so successful that Gensokishi’s marketplace crashed.

Alongside those features, the game will also incorporate upcoming Land. In game real estate will be put up on the market, allowing players to use said digital real estate to showcase their work. An in game store so to speak, which carries forth Gensokishi’s focus on player customization. For some MMO players this may sound odd, but Gensokishi’s predecessor Elemental Knights does have a strong focus on showcasing player’s costume designs as well as highlighting a player’s freedom when it comes to choosing their class.

But this is what makes Land rather unique for an MMO. In Gensokishi, players can actually create new dungeons, new maps and even whole new games within their real estate. This opens up the floor for sponsors and companies to come in and run events. As well as allowing hardcore level builders an opportunity to monetize their work.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This is very reminiscent of game maker type titles such The Sandbox and Decentraland. But with an added component involving a traditional MMO gameplay loop.

Highlighting Communities in Web3

For a Web3 game to truly survive, it needs a strong Community component. It is why Gaming Guilds have been instrumental in the growth of NFT gaming titles. The same can be said for MMORPGs, these games are at their core are indeed communities that hold communities that thrive upon each other’s presence.

That’s what Gensokishi essentially does, and why it is rather refreshing as well as exciting to see such a game come into the industry. Everything the game does, is built on the concept of community. Each niche within the game fuels the other, players who care little for Web3 will still fuel the marketplace. While players primarily focused on costume designs will no doubt be the customers of the marketplace’s suppliers. All while the Land aspect allows designers to essentially create their own worlds that their fellow gamers will try out.

And with eight million players already present in game. It won’t be too difficult to find a community for this community.

If you’re interested in Gensokishi, the game will be ready on November 30th. Download here.

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