Emirates to Hire 4000 New Cabin Crew to Train For The Metaverse


The United Arab Emirates’ biggest airline, Emirates, is scheduling to hire an additional 4000 new crew members to its airlines. The announcement was made during the Dubai Metaverse Assembly.


These 4000 new hires will not be so ordinary, as they will be trained for the Metaverse! The airline company is investing heavily in the Metaverse due to the industry’s potential to boost the UAE economy – seen as an investment opportunity.


Additionally, the 4000 crew members will undergo VR training, being able to experience a virtual airplane. The simulation training will consist of the following:


• Operating the galley to safety

• Experience futuristic airplanes with details (Customize the A350 aircraft)

• Dealing with a disruptive passenger

• Medical emergencies


Currently, the leading airline has 16,000 cabin crew but are looking to expand this number by 4,000 to reach close to 20,000 cabin crew by next year. The metaverse will play a key role in training newly hired and existent cabin crew.


Adel Ahmed Al Redha explained that the A350 was being configured in Humboldt, US. The metaverse and virtual reality was used to simulate walking into the aircraft and to analyse every detail.


NFTs and metaverse experiences will soon be offered to Emirates airlines’ customers and employees


“We used metaverse, virtual reality and walked into the aircraft and looked at every detail, every gap in the aircraft, whether it is in the galley or with the seats. We have configured an aircraft and what we see there today is exactly what we’ll see in 2024,” said Al Redha.


The metaverse technology is being used to train cabin crew, allowing efficient and accurate training methods through simulated real-life scenarios.


The Dubai Metaverse Assembly took place on September 28 and 29, at the Museum of the Future. Over 600 experts, 25 sessions, 30 speakers and 40 tech companies were in attendance.


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