The global version of Infinite Breakthrough Three Kingdoms Reverse

will be released as ‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’ and support various languages.


‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’, a mobile game developed by Metaverse and game developer NATRIS,


has been released in North America, Europe, Central and South America, Japan, Taiwan,

Advance reservations are being made for all global regions such as Hong Kong and Macau.

Hero Blaze is a mobile RPG Free-to-play-and-earn game on the Binance Chain.

Created by Natris as one of the first mobile P2E games in Korea, 

it was an immediate success when it was launched. 

The team is now getting ready to launch their game in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. Let’s learn more about the project and how to get started.


‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms (Infinite Breakthrough Three Kingdoms Reverse)’ is based on the worldview of the Three Kingdoms.


What’s coming?


From constant minor updates and upgrades of the gameplay mechanics for smooth interaction to major changes and

 additions that’ll ensure a long-lasting and sustainable ecosystem, Hero Blaze is always growing.


Hero Blaze: Three Kingdom is set to expand its service area to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Europe, South America, and North America as well. Hero Blaze is already in service in Korea and other Asian countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

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