Filipino NFT Artists and Galleries to Participate in CAWA2022

The Philippines, being one of the countries at the forefront of crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) adoption in the world, will have several artists and galleries participating in the CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA), a festival of art, music, performance, and experiences powered by the blockchain and Asia’s underground creative community. The event will take place in Singapore on September 23-30, 2022.


The participating Filipino Galleries are the metaverse-focused platform Ownly, web3 art gallery Meatspace, NFT and art marketplace Likha, and multi-genre art gallery Galeria Paloma. These galleries will display their featured artists on their respective platforms.

Ownly will be highlighting artworks not only by Filipino artists but by other nationalities as well in their own metaverse gallery.


Check the post below for the artists in the Ownly gallery:


What is Crypto Art Week Asia?


CAWA is a community-led art, music, and tech project featuring the continent’s most talented and forward-thinking digital and AV artists. We aim to strengthen creative communities and give artists a platform (and their art careers a nudge) while promoting Singaporean and Asian underground music and art ecosystem. Before the pandemic, experiences and installation art were exploding and finding new ways to express digital art. NFTs and crypto art has pushed possibilities of art innovation even further.


What can we expect from CAWA 2022?


A full-blown media arts festival. A week for art, music, fashion, dance and experience.We’re bringing together a broad range of underground collectives and artists from Singapore and Southeast Asia (and a few surprises!) to make this the best digital arts festival in Asia. CAWA 2022 also takes place during Asia Crypto Week, Token2049 and the Singapore Grand Prix, plus a whole bunch of other Web3-related events. And being the headline art event during this period, we expect most of this crowd to attend. But CAWA 2022 will also attract a more cutting-edge and underground crowd than a typical art event—scene-setters in music, arts, fashion and tech. Creating a beautiful sweet spot in this convergence of different crowds at this historic time of change for art.

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