Welcome to Origins Season 1! 

We’ve introduced a variety of changes as well as our largest Leaderboard prize pool ever. There’s a lot to digest so please go through this article carefully.


Key Points:


  • Origins Season 1 is here with over 1.5 M USD in AXS rewards— the largest leaderboard prize pool we’ve ever seen in Axie! 
  • We’ve also thrown in a new sticker and 2 avatars as prizes.

  • Season 1 will start after maintenance concludes and last for 62 days.

  • We’ve tuned disenchanting, crafting recipes, and rank reward/crafting progression based on your feedback and data gathered from Season 0.

  • Players will now play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the start of each battle. The winner will choose whether to go first or second.

  • All Season 0 Runes and Charms are now expired. Please wait until the maintenance finishes to disenchant for Moonshards.

We will be deploying 1 balance patch in Season 1. 

This patch will come in ~2 weeks.

Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards

We’ve once again juiced up the prize pool for Origins with over 112000 AXS in total prizing. This is nearly double the Season 0 prize pool. The first place prize is over 90,000 USD!

We’ve also expanded the number of leaderboard winners to 40000, up from 20000 in Season 0. Finally, we’ve taken your feedback around more differentiation in prizing for the broadest buckets of the leaderboard.

Good luck climbing!

In addition to these AXS prizes, we’ve also introduced a sticker and 2 avatar prizes!

Support Program Application Form

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Gcash Name: Ma. Jhennylyn H


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