Storm Games, blockchain-based P2E game ‘Four Gods on WEMIX’ Officially Opened Global Service

Four Gods on WEMIX is a blockchain-based P&E game that embodies a fantasy world set in the Eastern Middle Ages. The NFT system is introduced for items such as equipment and admission tickets used in the game to support individual transactions between users.

The ‘Red Gem’ acquired through gameplay can be used in various contents such as exchanges, productions, and shops. It is designed to generate revenue by exchanging it for LUX tokens. 
Through the PvP system, you can loot the Red Gem your opponent has.

-Fierce the Battle of the Four Gods-
In the Four Gods, there is no absolute strong or weak. Take away the RedGem from opponents and become a Legend in Four Gods.

-Exchange for the Gods-
Experience a free economic system by trading various items in Four Gods with RedGem and exchanging them to LUX TOKEN.

-Scale for the Gods-
Experience the overwhelming and spectacular skill action beyond the limits of mobile. The
sophisticated and thrilling battle of Four Gods.

-Worldview of the Gods-
Fall into a touching story that heats your heart in the vast worldview written by an incumbent writer.

-MMORPG for the Gods-
A world that finds and creates memories, whether goodness or wickedness!
Get a victory within endless Guild War and reign over the world.

“The blockchain-based P&E game ‘Four Gods on WEMIX’ has started service,”
said Mansu Jung, CEO of Storm Games.

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