BAYC Metaverse The Otherside Is Dropping This Week

For those unfamiliar, the Otherside is a brainchild of Yuga Labs, the creators behind the acclaimed BAYC NFT collection. According to the team, the Otherside will be an open metaverse RPG compatible with all kinds of NFTs. Since Yuga Labs dropped the teaser in March, speculations were rife in the NFT space.


According to a leaked pitch deck last month, the BAYC creators will put up 200k plots of virtual lands on the Otherside for sale. Accordingly, these land plots are essential parts of the meta RPG. And each plot will come with its own unique attributes such as natural resources, artifacts, and rare characters.


What would be the price of each plot? 1 ETH per plot. If the sales go through as the pitch deck details, Yuga Labs will pocket $455 million in revenue, a triple of their 2021 net revenue. As to whether the Otherside will turn out the same as described in the pitch deck, we will leave it to the team to reveal it this week.


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